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02/28/19 01:22 PM #7    


Rosemary* Shevchik (Malbin)

Oh, thanks.  Now I will check here.wink Rosemary & Michael

02/28/19 03:35 PM #8    


Gary* Guichard

Well, I guess I "tapped" loud enough.  Thanks for the responses, folks.  It should be interesting to see who all surfaces now that I've "rattled the cage".  ("junk/spam", huh Connie?  *tsk* lol)


02/28/19 04:27 PM #9    


Gary* Guichard

BTW, I ran across a death notice for Joe Korte in the Freep a few days ago.  I informed Jim Blackburn of the fact, but he doesn't seem to be involved (or interested) any more.  Any Ideas?  I submitted it here, so we'll see what happens.



02/28/19 09:42 PM #10    

Jim Blackburn

Hi Gary.  The passing of a classmate is truly a sad event for the survivors and friends . I apologize for the late response.  I am unable to monitor this site on a daily basis as I do have other priorites in my life as I am sure you understand, especicially as we get older.  If I wasn't interested this site wuld not exist.  Again I am sorry this has offended you, but thid is reality.  I will post Joe's passing on the in memory page and you may post you message there.    Jim.

03/01/19 09:35 AM #11    

Ron Miller (Miller)

Jim - Gary needs to read his May 19, 2017 comment where he thanks you for your great efforts on maintaining this site. He could have sent you a note instead of ranting about no one paying attention. It was not as if he did not know you work the site. 

Jim your work is a thankless one at times but I know better of what is required. Hang in there my friend. 

03/01/19 12:06 PM #12    


Gary* Guichard

Ron, I tried every avenue to contact this site and Jim personally with no results.  As you might gather from his post above, he hasn't been keeping close tabs on the activity here, which was obvious by his lack of an earlier response.  Apparently he's been busy, which  is understandable, and I've passed along "props" for his efforts here in the past.  Maybe my lame attempt at humor upset you, but all I was trying to do this time was to find out if the site was still "up" at all since there had been very little activity, if any.  I see I've accomplished that task, since there's been more activity on it than in years.  It's nice that you guys are buddies, Ron, but you might want to get your facts straight before you jump into a discussion that doesn't personally concern you.

03/01/19 12:26 PM #13    


Gary* Guichard

Oh, and thanks for the reply, Jim.  As I've noted before, you've done a great job here on a task I wouldn't care to undertake myself.  I don't know where you got the impression I was "offended".  It takes a lot more than something as minor as a slow response to a comment or the like to "offend" me (See my reply to Ron for an example).  I just thought the site might be chugging along on its own with no-one at the helm because everyone had lost interest (note the 4.5-year gap between the top two posts here).  Guess I was wrong, huh?  Also, since I don't think he ever really graduated with us I wasn't sure if you'd acknowledge Joe Korte's passing.  I just think it'd be nice if someone did, that's all, and I'll appreciate your doing so.

03/01/19 01:47 PM #14    


Gary* Guichard

Oh, yeah, and to the folks who responded to my original post.... Herm, Bonnie, Rosemary, and "Gary #2",....  Good to hear from you all and great to see all are well and "livin' large"!  Sorry about the "flame war" I seem to have inadvertently started, but my original post really wasn't intended to get folks riled up.  Honest!  I just hope it stirs up a little interest and spurs more activity on the site, and again, my apologies to Jim B.

03/01/19 03:14 PM #15    

Paul Eisenberger


They don't pay you enough for the great job you do with this website.  As far as I'm concerned, you are the website and you've been there from the beginning and what a great job you've done.......THANKS!!

A belated Happy Birthday as well.

03/13/19 04:51 PM #16    


Gary* Guichard

OK.. I've deleted my last "cranky" response/post here in another effort to get things back on a more congenial, and useful, track.  Again, I apologize for the part I played in the "flame war", but my short temper got the best of me.  Gotta work on that. *heh*  I enjoyed the posts, and especially the added pics, as I assume most did, and I'll try to contribute in that respect, too.  I did a quick search, but can't decide what would be appropriate, but I'm going to use Rosemary's latest contribution as a guide of sorts and see what I can find.  Gary Green has some helpful suggestions, too.  I'm not, however, going to let a couple of people getting their "nose out of joint" change who I am or how I communicate.  If that's a problem, speak up now and I'll just move on.

03/14/19 09:05 AM #17    

Gloria* Zitnik (Werth)

Gloria Werth


03/14/19 12:11 PM #18    


Gary* Guichard

  Good to hear from you, Gloria, and much appreciated (I think/hope).  I'm going to take another crack at this and see if I can get the hang of it (and stay out of trouble. *sigh*).  This pic was taken here at the lake before we bought the new place and moved here permenantly.  It's a little dated, but has always been a favorite.

03/15/19 01:29 PM #19    


Gary* Guichard

I've uploaded those lunch get-together pics to the Photo Gallery in the "50 Year Reunion" collection.  Enjoy!

03/15/19 10:00 PM #20    


Rosemary* Shevchik (Malbin)

I wish it would be held one week or two later.  We are on our way from our home in Houston to Grayling at that time.

03/16/19 09:33 AM #21    

Gloria* Zitnik (Werth)


yes  Good job Gary.


03/16/19 11:37 AM #22    


Gary* Guichard

Thanks, Gloria.  Just tryin' to be a little useful to offset the "Pain-in-the-a**" posts I've been guilty of.  Rosemary, those were pics taken at the 2012 get-together in Livonia.  Wish you had been there.

03/16/19 02:27 PM #23    


Gary* Guichard


Since their names appear here on occasion, I thought folks might enjoy this oldie.  I'll entertain guesses as to who's pictured.

03/18/19 12:29 PM #24    


Gary* Green

Hey, the "Fonz" with buddies.  He's the guy on the left that looks like Gary Green.  A classic 
three amegios photo thanks to Ed and Gary G.


03/18/19 04:29 PM #25    


Gary* Guichard

Yep.  Two cool guys and a "Dork".  *sigh*  Decided to share it anyway.  LOL  (Note my brothers clowning on the porch)

03/19/19 01:58 PM #26    


Jim Gourd

I’ve enjoyed the recent banter at the message post. Cudoos to Gary for getting it going. Unnecessary to fault Jim B though. He’s been the glue that’s kept this site going. I admit we’ve done little to help him. I’ll offer a challenge to the class for us all to make a difference. Start by updating your profile. Add things that interest you and maybe you’ll find someone in the class that has a similar interest. I’ll start my own update in a few days. Here’s one for you Gary. We might be related. Your last name appears to be French. Most people who have origins from French Canada are considered cousins. My interest over the last few years has been in genealogy. What do you think cousin? or not? 

03/19/19 03:44 PM #27    


Glenn Dunn

Hey there, Jim Gourd. How the heck are you? Your name poped into my head the other day when I saw an old Kizer in a junk yard.

03/20/19 11:48 AM #28    


Gary* Guichard

Cousins?  I'd say there's a pretty good possibility, Jim G.  My mom did a geneology search years ago and much of our family emigrated from Canada through the UP hundreds of years ago.  I'll have to check and see if there are any Gourd's in the mix and get back to you.  Good idea to update our profiles, too.  I'll get started on that today.  In the meantime, I'm glad to see that those "feathers" I ruffled a while back have been smoothed a bit by the passage of time (for the most part, anyway. *heh*).

03/20/19 02:05 PM #29    


Jim Gourd

Jackpot!!!  Hearing from Glenn Dunn and getting in Gary G's good graces is a great start. Glenn, we have a lot of catching up to do since the 25th reunion. I' ll find a way to for us to make contact through email. Check my new profile...... Gary, we are cousins. I may not appear by name in your Mom's genealogy, but  with the background you've given, I'm convinced.

03/20/19 05:15 PM #30    


Gary* Guichard

BTW, I apologized to Jim B a while back for giving him a hard time early  on.  I hope everybody's aware of that. But just to be clear, we all owe Jim a big "merci" for sticking with this site so all us bandwagon late-comers could finally get the message and join in the good times.  You da man, Jim!  Not sure what "good graces" you have in mind, Jim Gourd, or was that meant in reference to Gary Green?


03/23/19 04:10 PM #31    


Gary* Guichard

"Cousins" it is, Jim!  I sent you a PM explaining what little I know about my family history.  Not sure there's any real concrete connection, but since I have so few I can always use another cousin!

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