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02/28/19 12:51 PM #1    


Gary* Green

Perhaps, encouraging current living activities versus classmates dying would encourage more contributions.  Vacations, new grandchildren, hobbies, club memberships, and so much more.  Maybe not at Facebook level but we all have something to say about our current life moments.  Good to recognize those grads who have passed away but more things I know we all have to say.

02/28/19 01:22 PM #2    


Rosemary* Shevchik (Malbin)

Oh, thanks.  Now I will check here.wink Rosemary & Michael

03/14/19 12:11 PM #3    


Gary* Guichard

  Good to hear from you, Gloria, and much appreciated (I think/hope).  I'm going to take another crack at this and see if I can get the hang of it (and stay out of trouble. *sigh*).  This pic was taken here at the lake before we bought the new place and moved here permenantly.  It's a little dated, but has always been a favorite.

03/15/19 01:29 PM #4    


Gary* Guichard

I've uploaded those lunch get-together pics to the Photo Gallery in the "50 Year Reunion" collection.  Enjoy!

03/16/19 02:27 PM #5    


Gary* Guichard


Since their names appear here on occasion, I thought folks might enjoy this oldie.  I'll entertain guesses as to who's pictured.

03/19/19 01:58 PM #6    


Jim Gourd

I’ve enjoyed the recent banter at the message post. Cudoos to Gary for getting it going. Unnecessary to fault Jim B though. He’s been the glue that’s kept this site going. I admit we’ve done little to help him. I’ll offer a challenge to the class for us all to make a difference. Start by updating your profile. Add things that interest you and maybe you’ll find someone in the class that has a similar interest. I’ll start my own update in a few days. Here’s one for you Gary. We might be related. Your last name appears to be French. Most people who have origins from French Canada are considered cousins. My interest over the last few years has been in genealogy. What do you think cousin? or not? 

07/11/19 02:44 PM #7    


Jim Blackburn


First, please accept my apology for being absent for the last few months, been busy with some personal health issues as well as some serious ones with my mother.  Moved in with her to administer home care 24/7. 

 Retired again and getting caught up with alot of miscellaneous items.   A question I have for all of you is "do we want to link our site with Facebook"?  With everything that is going recently with "censorship" info sharing, I have been reluctant to do so. Your imput would be appreciated.  I for one am not in favor of it.  Id like to keep our site as private as possible.

Secondly, I am looking for input on organizing a reunion more along the lines of a one day event as well as having an annual or semi-annual event whether it be a Tiger game, a luncheon, Greenfield Villiage, a fun get together.  Your ideas and help organizing would be accepted with open arms.  Stay in touch.

                                                                                             Go Thunderbirds


07/11/19 09:52 PM #8    

Herman Boatin

Jim,  I understand and appreciate how demanding caring for you mother must be.  Thank you for returning to Thunderbird "duties." 

I agree that our reunion site should avoid Facebook.  I also support a one day get together -- ballgame or whatever for those of us able to make it there.

Thanks again for your continued dedication to our class members.  Herm Boatin



07/12/19 11:54 AM #9    


Jim Blackburn

Thanks Herm.


07/12/19 02:48 PM #10    

Kenneth* Gosnell

Hi Jim,  Truely Sorry to hear of yours and your mothers problems. I wish her and you the best in these tuff times. I too, agree that with all the problems with Facebook information getting into the wrong hands, we stay private. I only wish I was closer but then I have to deal with those darn cold winters, Yuk! Stay well my dear friend and God Bless you and your mother. 


Ken Gosnell 

07/12/19 04:44 PM #11    


Jim Blackburn

Thanks Ken.  I'm better now and good to go, Mom is on the mend getting better each day.

07/12/19 08:14 PM #12    

Bonnie Pratt (Sheill)


Hello Jim, Sorry, to hear of your health struggles.  Hang in there.  Regarding the Facebook issue Fred and I are NOT for it.  Then the issue of an annual get together, sounds nice but the reality is grim.  Fred’s January class half the size of ours and they have about 15 that get together once a year for lunch. 

Bonnie Sheill

07/13/19 12:14 PM #13    


Paul Eisenberger


Being there for your mom is what our mother's did for us.  To know in her heart that you're there for her must be a feeling we should all feel with the love from your heart to her's.

How blessed you are to still have her in your life, the gifts of gifts. It's wonderful that you're there for her, after all we only have one mother who helped make us who we are.

Jim, its who you are and always have been helping others and now no one could be more important then mom.

I agree with you on the Facebook thoughts, we don't need that exposure. The one day event good idea but difficult for out of towners.  The annual of course perfect.

Keep you chin up, we're all here for you!

Paul Eisenberger



07/13/19 05:16 PM #14    


Jim Blackburn

Thanks Paul for the very kind words.  That how parents brought us up, family first, and how fortunate we all to go thru a school system that help promote that family unity. Thanks again for your response. Perhaps a weekend event of a sort and no too elaborate would work for out-of-towners as well as locals might work, your thoughts?

08/21/19 09:01 AM #15    


Jim Blackburn

Hi to All:  Just received word that one of our Teachers at EFHS, and later asst principle Mr Robert Young passed away on August 11 of this year. No other details are known.

09/04/19 05:06 PM #16    


Erik Smith

I'm not much of a one on our page, but my heart is so saddened to learn of the passing of Mickey Fulkerson. We lost touch after graduation, but Mick was one of the stalwarts on Mike Adray's celebrated hockey teams with me back in our EF days.  (He was the athlete, I was the wanna-be) ... My sincere condolences to Bev and his family. Sadly, Fathertime is becoming our common enemy these days. 


09/04/19 05:06 PM #17    


Jim Blackburn

Hi to you all:  Sad news once again:  Mickey Fulkerson has lost his battle with Lewy Body Dementia at noon today. Funeral arrangements are in the planning stages and  I will keep you all updated as they become available. Please keep Mickey's family in your thoughts and prayers.

09/05/19 01:31 PM #18    


Paul Eisenberger

Mickey was always bigger than life in so many positive ways.  This is a day of remembrance for us all that knew and loved Mickey. Our happy memories save us in replacing his loss. To Bev and family that have had the joy of sharing his life, my heart is with you.

09/06/19 11:54 AM #19    


Eric Evenson

Ed Demeter and I maintained contact with Mickey and Bev after school for years until I moved to South Carolina in 1996.  we enjoyed a close personal and professsional relationship.  Watched their boys Michael and David grow up.  When in Michigan last year, Ed and I visisted with Mickey and Bev for a few hours.  Although They were dealing with Mickey's illness, they were gracious hosts.  Mickey was obviously impaired, but his cheerful personality was the same as always.  He will be happily remembered and greatly missed by Ed and I.  Our hearts go out to Bev, Michael and David for your loss.



10/06/19 10:20 PM #20    

Michael Fulkerson

Eric, Jim, Paul and Ric, I’m sorry I didn’t navigate this site a little better in the last month. But I am so happy to read your caring words about Mickey.  He had so many good memories. He loved his years at Edsel. We’ve been in touch with a few friends on FB. We were able to meet with Jim and Ard for lunch a few years ago. Mickey was very happy to have Ed and Ric surprise us with a visit last year.  We had the Adray team photos on display at the celebration, Eric.  Mick had LBD for about 7 years and this year was extremely difficult.  Thank you for your posts.


02/09/21 12:52 PM #21    


Gary* Guichard

I ran across this pic a few days ago and was surprised by how many of these girls looked like '61 classmates.  From left:  Rosemary  Shevchik, Nancy Davenport, and Marilyn Walaskay.  With Dennis Connely in the background?  Anybody else?

02/10/21 12:32 PM #22    


Dr George Abbott White

Fascinating the effect of Motown & other music to our early 60s world.


Picture: Is this called up as a response to Diana Ross and The Super Supremes?




Be well, George

02/10/21 12:59 PM #23    


Dr George Abbott White

A few quick (and tardy) responses before I head outside to what seems like an endless shovel routine. (Three storms in the last week, another on the way this weekend. Nothing like Dearborn days of course, but I caved in yesterday and invested in a semi-monster snowblower.)

Jim Gourd - Like the idea of sharing some of the past(s) we've recovered over the years. For thirty of them, I've stepped outside business trips in Central Europe and tried to track down the very obscure connections in Poland (Galicia); Czech Republic; and, Hungary. Knew she was born on the Lower East Side and - somehow - raised by Nuns around Tappan Zee area. Didn't know it was with her four brothers; they were virtually orphans. Learned my Dad's family not just Maritime (New Brunswick & Nova Scotia) but French Canadian Quebec. Many threads, many stories.

Paul Eisenberger - Ann and I got to Texas a year ago, memorial to an Ann Arbor friend we'd been close to and admired for his decades-long work with adult education and community colleges. (go Tom Hanks!) Am I right you are - or have been - in the Austin area? Wonder what comparisons, if any, with life in a state as large (and diverse) as France with our years in Michigan? Where we live in Boston (Brookline), seems there's a temple every other block. What happened in Dearborn?

Erik Smith - Sorry never to have caught up with you the trips we made to Michigan. Would have liked, then as now, to get your thoughts on the ways in which media, particularly TV/cable, changed and, in what ways. The Tampa/St Pete area somewhat familiar to me, no sense of how that plays out however.

Jim Blackburn - I think I sent some words along about your Mother a while back, certainly the importance of a school's staff to so many of the students considerable and, on many occasions in my experience, even more significant in certain cases than teachers. Last walked the halls of Edsel Ford a few years ago, all too briefly but had a chance conversation with the head Custodian. Perhaps half an hour with someone who had seen some time pass by and was not unaware of who many of the students were and, like us, the impact of the school upon them. On reflection, we were fortunate to have many of the teachers we had, the curriculum they developed and taught, and the exchanges between one another. Did time pass too slowly then, all too quickly now?

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