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Ronald Gunn

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10/21/10 06:53 PM #1    

Gary* Guichard

Ron, Chuck Toth, and I spent the better part of a summer hanging out one year.  It's a time I still recall fondly, doing dumb, fun, mid-teen stuff like cremating a deceased Robin in Ron's backyard barbecue pit.  With gasoline, to help the process along.  His folks weren't home, but you probably guessed that.  Ron could be serious, too, and was good people and a good friend.

03/06/11 01:27 PM #2    

Gary* Guichard

I received the following recollections in notes I've exchanged with Jim Cox.  He's given me the OK to pass them along here.  I've "cut and pasted" a bit to organize them but tried to stay true to Jim's intent.    - Gary


Ron and I started Whitmore Bolles together.  For some reason, I still recall right after we started school a brother showing up at school to get Ron as his farther had just died.  In later years I knew his mother and his older brothers.  Chuck (Toth) and I spent time camping in Ron's back yard and cooking breakfast on a gas grill.  That must have been before we both started driving.  I did not see Ron much in later years but recall him stopping at the house, on Campbell and Penn, in his Army uniform the day he married Darlene.  I somehow became aware Darlene died a few years later.  

I visited Ron in Sterling Heights about six months before he died.  Ron had been fighting cancer for a number of years.  Unfortunately, it caught him early in his life.  I lost a long time friend, but...had not seen him for a number of years.  I saw his address from the materials sent out during an early reunion.  I got to the Sterling Heights area and on one trip stopped at his home.

03/31/11 07:38 PM #3    

Sue Stuart (Sims)

Ron Gunn and his girlfriend at the time, Darlene Tyrrell use to double date with Henry Cox and I during the ninth grade at Edison Junior High.  Darlene was one of my best friends in school and we had many good times together.  The four of us would attend school dances or go to the movies or to Edgewater Park.  We drifted apart while attending Edsel Ford High because we didn't have classes together.  Ron did ask me if I would attend the senior prom with Chuck Toth, which I did.  I always thought the world of Ron and Darlene.  Great friends.

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