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Gail Marzec (Tomassini)

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06/18/10 11:45 AM #1    

Jim Laird

 From: Thomas H Grinnell

Last weekend I did a little web searching, wondering "whatever happened to...?" and unexpectedly came across your website, sadly to see an In Memory listing for Gail Marzec (Tomassini). A quick crosscheck with the Social Security Death Index confirmed that it was the girl I had known, born July 20, 1943. Devastated would not be too strong a word to describe my feeling. If I were going to write my "memory" for Gail, it would closely resemble Jim Blackburn's entry for Lynn Verral (Schroeder). My last visit with Gail was in late 1968 or early 1969, so I have no knowledge of her history, specifically her medical condition, but my guess would be that she died from cancer. I noted that the last teacher rating, for Stout Elementary School was #1 with three perfect category scores (done approximately a year before her death) -what a fitting evaluation for her.

FYI, I met Gail, during my Senior Year, at Wayne State U, probably in the spring of 1964, a chance meeting in one of the waiting areas of one of the classroom halls. I cannot remember our first date, but I was impressed with her from the start. Without a doubt she was the smartest, nicest, prettiest girl I have ever known. I love my wife, but I say this unabashedly. Gail was pure class. I enlisted in the Army, August 1964, and maintained contact with her for the next two years. Upon my discharge, in July 1966, I returned to Michigan for a few weeks and became engaged to Gail. She was such a treasure, but I had no idea of what marriage entailed. I had been accepted to SF State College, so I moved to the Bay Area, in September 1966, unrealistically hoping that Gail would somehow follow. Of course that was not to be and she broke up with me some months later. I last saw Gail, during a trip back to Michigan, for Christmas 1968, when I contacted her and took her to lunch. I still hoped she would come to California, but that didn't happen. Our correspondence ceased in the spring of 1969, hard to believe over 40 years ago. I trust she had a wonderful marriage, family and life.

One question I do have is do you know the cause of her death? Again, my guess would be from cancer. I remember, during our last visit, she showed me graphic photos of her injuries received in a nearly fatal auto accident, on Michigan Ave, a few months before. I hope she experienced nothing but goodness thereafter.

Thank you for bearing with me. I am still feeling down, at the news, and I just had to vent. Please let me know if you have any information about Gail.

Best wishes to you and your classmates for a wonderful reunion.

 Sincerely, Tom Grinnell
Redford HS 1960
Portland, OR
503 245-3925


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