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Kathleen Sternisha

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06/11/10 03:50 PM #1    

David Kalat

We were high school Sweethearts.  I took her to the Prom. I will always remember Kathleen.

06/12/10 01:11 PM #2    

David Kalat


I grew up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. After the eleventh grade I moved to Dearborn and attended EFHS for my final year. At the time I was the only Hillbilly at EFHS that I know of. If anyone remembers me all, they will know me by the name my classmates gave me, "Reb". This was short for "Rebel". I was Tagged Reb because of my Southern Origin.
My girlfriend during my time at EFHS was, Kathleen Sternisha. Regretfully Kathleen passed away many years ago. She was in her late thirties I believe. After High School I
lost contact with Kathy for sixteen years.
After graduating from EFHS I was very lucky to get a job with a company in Cleveland, Ohio for a company, “Bailey Controls Co. that manufactured instruments and control systems for power plants all over the world.
After several years of training, in 1970 I joined Baileys Foreign Service Department and started to travel the world starting control systems in power plants for Bailey Controls.
In 1975 my office was located in Mannheim, Germany. In 1977 I took a vacation back to
Dearborn. While there my brother happened to meet Kathy while he was shopping. They started talking and my brother filled Kathy in on my whereabouts during the intervening years. He told Kathy that I was in town that very moment. My brother got Kathy’s phone number and called me at my favorite bar which was at that time called, “Pocatel Bar”, located north of Van Born on Telegraph road. He gave me Kathy’s phone number. I called her and took her out to dinner that night and we had a great time reminiscing.
I had to return to Germany two days later. Before Leaving I invited Kathy to come to Germany for a visit. Being as how Kathy had never been out of the US I told her that she could bring her girlfriend Laurie for company and that I would pay for the airline tickets and provide enough money for meals, etc. Kathy and I were both single at the time. They could stay at my apartment in Heidelberg, Germany. We really had a swell time visiting old German castles and quaint German Villages. We attended the wedding reception of my German friend. This reception was held in a barn. Then I drove us all to Amsterdam and had more fun.
You can visit my profile page to look at the photos of Kathy and me taken in Germany. These are the only photos I have of Kathy. I took Kathy to the senior prom at Lovett Hall and somewhere have a photo of us all dressed up.
Kathy’s life was a real tragedy which I won’t go into. I am so happy that I took Kathy to Germany and she had such a good time. I will always remember Kathleen.


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