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Dennis Winters

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Dr George Abbott White

Dennis was a lively partner in a number of adventures of the time. It was, after all, the beginning of the "space age," and JFK & Co thinking about outer space; at least, the moon.

Dennis and I were particpants in the era; he and I sent a few rockets "up," much to our amazement and, I think, the horror of our parents. Some did go up. We also, as I dimly remember, had to scratch a few more on the launching pad. Or they scratched themselves in what would now bring the police, or at least angry neighbors.

That, I guess, is how "Science" moves forward.

The most distinct memory with Dennis has to do with another kind of technology of the time. Scooters. We both had Italian brands, quite different not only in appearance but in handling and, in particular, performance. Dennis' Lamb-Something was slow on acceleration and, I thought, not all that stylish whereas my Vespa outpaced his under a variety of conditions. I gave him a hard time, he gave at least as much in defense. At least that is what I thought! I suppose somewhere on the Web the actual numbers for that ancient era can be found. Interesting to me to see Dennis continued the aeronautical interests vocationally and I'm sorry, on visits to Philadelphia or DC, I didn't look him up.

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