Harold* Slater

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Harold* Slater
Residing In: Midland, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Karen
Occupation: Reiki Master - Writer - Shamanic Practitioner -
Children: Kirsten Elizabeth, born 1968, married Mathew Smith, 1997 (children Elizabeth 9, Joshua 7)

Jason More…Elliot, born 1971, married Kelly (Murphey), 2000 (children Annaley 14, Caitlin 12)

Kara Anne, born 1979, married Jeremy Fleminger, 2004 (children Khaner 10, Isaac 6, Brinley 2)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Married Karen (Ward) August 2, 1964

Adrian College B.A. Eng Lit & Language 1965

United Theological Seminary M.Div. 1969
Worship & Preaching

Learning-Serving Sabbatical in Inner City
New Haven, Connecticut 1973-74

Four wonderful years in the Upper Peninsula just 30 miles south of Copper Harbor and experiencing better than 200 inches of snow each year 1974-77

Oakland County Jail Chaplin while I served a parish in Union Lake (Waterfor Twnship) 1986-89

United Theological Seminary D.Min. 1989

L.E.A.D. Inc. Certificate of Excellance in
Pastoral Ministry and Neuro-Linguistic
Process 1996

Led 31 High Adventure Backpack Treks in Ontario, Michigan, New York, Colorado, Montana, & Wyoming - 1969 to 2004

Personal Backpack Treks in Montana and Isle Royale National Park - 2005-2006

Retired March 1, 2010 - 47 years as pastor

Open Heart Surgery (valve replacement) May 19, 2010 - regained vigorus exercise program.

Working on manuscript of devotional writings.

Energy-Balancing Practicioner: Reiki Master/Teacher, Kolamni, MariEl, Diamond Light, and Shamannic Journey

"...we are stunned by the immensity of the universe and amazed by the activity in a drop of pond water...Out of nothing the glorious, awesome universe emerged! Reality, you are gorgeous; Universe you are Wonder-full."

"No plan predestined upon which to thrive or stumble. Only capacity, circunstance, and given limit to embrace, mine, and from which to learn...opportunity waiting for our choice of incarnate splendor. In wild freedom and obedience to our NOW-moment, the Great Work of making one healthy world-community awaits our energy."

School Story:

We salvaged a disastrous 1960 football season by trouncing undefeated Lincoln Park (who were slated to be state champs) in the last game of the season at home. We celebrated by throwing the coaches into the swimming pool and jumping in after them in our uniforms -- prompting the pool to be drained and cleaned. Victory isn't everything, but it was sweet that day.

Wrestled at 154lbs, but when Bill Wood developed a migrain headache, I was inserted in the 165lb class at districts and made it to the quarterfinals in 1960, losing to the eventual state champ.

Tried out for and was selected to give the Farewell Speech at the January gradutation. Taught me that courage is daring to act in the face of fear and that often leads to good results.

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